EOBD-Facile 3.0

Accesses and analyzes vehicle performance data

Interact with the software components of your vehicle to identify, analyze and remove potential or actual malfunctions in the functioning of its hardware. The program is compatible with ELM327-type packages of OBD2 cars including LM320, ELM322, and ELM323.

In case you own a car and you've encountered some mechanical problems, and you want to see what the issues are without asking a specialist, you can use EOBD-Facile. This utility offers you a complete car diagnosis by simply connecting your PC to an ELM327 interface.

The program comes wrapped in a standard interface, has common panels, menus, and toolbars, and it's very responsive to user actions. It misses theme customizations, which may make the user experience a bit boring in time.

Yet, when it comes to its features, EOBD-Facile can cope with all kinds of issues, and it's compatible with gasoline, diesel, GPL and even Hybrid engines. Furthermore, it can be connected to the Engine computer, GPL, and Transmission computer. On top of that, it supports sensor reading, decoding of OBD fault codes into text, and can easily be inserted into an OBD2 socket.

When testing, the program had some difficulties when having to detect the accuracy of fuel consumption in diesel vehicles. However, EOBD-Facile is smart software to use to detect and help you repair minor car issues, though it may be cheaper for you to go to a specialist when dealing with serious problems.

John Saunders
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  • Supports sensor reading
  • Decodes OBD fault codes
  • Allows connection to computer engine


  • Misses theme customizations
  • Has issues with accuracy of fuel consumption
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